5. In Sao Paulo – Rich in Vibrance & Aromas

We finally arrived in Sao Paulo after hours on the beautiful and professionally manned Taag Angolan Airlines. An old Brazilian Police friend of Johan met us at customs, where we surprisingly didn’t spend much time. We had our first Brazilian coffee and gave him one of Johan’s books he just finished writing – “Journey through Many Worlds.”  (Also available in our home town Wellington at The Book Traders)

FullSizeRender (9)

Our very patient taxi driver, Mr Sales took us to our hotel, Hotel Sao Jorge. The staff  of Sao Jorge really went out of their way to help us find everything we needed. Thanks to google translate, we bridged the language barriers easily enough.

This city never sleeps – from street braais (churrascaria), mielie boiling, wok making to selling goods, dancing on the streets and chatting to welcome strangers. This is what we saw here during our first few days.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to Rio Branco, Acre with a bus for 3 days… ouch my bum. Chat to you soon with more updates! Enjoy your comfortable space – something we won’t experience for a long time. www.expeditionamazon.info

If you feel like helping us out with our expedition, please donate to our fund. We appreciate all your support!

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