5. In Sao Paulo – Rich in Vibrance & Aromas

We finally arrived in Sao Paulo after hours on the beautiful and professionally manned Taag Angolan Airlines. An old Brazilian Police friend of Johan met us at customs, where we surprisingly didn't spend much time. We had our first Brazilian coffee and gave him one of Johan's books he just finished writing - "Journey through... Continue Reading →


4. Introducing the Team Interviews

At last! Interviews with all the team members going to the Amazon! Go check out our video. The Interviews will start from 03:42 minutes in the video. Go give us a like, subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up to date with what we are busy with and doing from week to week. Click... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, PROGRESS! We had a charming interview with SABC NEWS and would like to share this experience with you. Very nervous at first as you can imagine... But Linky and Trevor made us feel right at home. It was like chatting to good old friends 🙂 Thank you for that. I think we would... Continue Reading →

2. Growth

We are slowly but surely growing and just wanted to share our growth with you! Have a look at this. We feel so blessed and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts  for all your support. This journey will be amazing with you guys at our back!

1. The beginning

Hi there fellow jungle explorers! We are finally at the stage where we can chat to you via our blog posts. We are still in the planning stages of Expedition Amazon. It's a jungle in our heads but we keep it together!

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